Shares in Omega Diagnostics closed more than 14 per cent lower yesterday following a report in the British Medical Journal questioning the accuracy of the Covid-19 test being developed by the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC).

A study published in The BMJ this week suggests that, if used in real life settings, the AbC-19 Rapid Test would result in a large number of “false positive” results. It estimated that as many as one in five people would be wrongly told they have had the virus.

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The UK-RTC, led by Abingdon Health, said yesterday that it has “concerns with the BMJ research”, adding that the Department of Health and Social Care “is satisfied with the performance of the test, as is the UK-RTC, and will continue to roll out the use of the product”.

Last month, the UK Government placed its first order for an initial one million AbC-19 antibody tests. Omega will manufacture 175,000 of the first one million tests, and “not less” than 25% of the demand from total orders placed over the term of the Government supply agreement.

Shares in AIM-listed Omega closed 8p lower yesterday at 48p.