Ethical supplier People's Energy has reached the milestone of 250,000 customers, having grown by 300 per cent in the last year.

Set up in 2017 by Karin Sode and David Pike, the Edinburgh-based supplier is focused on tackling fuel poverty. It aims to be servicing a million homes with gas and electricity by 2024 following the launch in September of its first television advertising campaign.

Earlier this year, People'sEnergy announced plans to create 100 jobs at the former Selkirk office of SSE in the Borders, which was being closed down by its new owner Ovo Energy. Staff headcount across all operations now stands at 375 people, up 450% during the past 12 months.

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"The company has seen huge growth in the past year, and as we scale further we hope to provide more help to households most in need in the future," Mr Pike said.

"We believe that energy is a human right and should be fairly shared amongst us all. As a company that puts our people before profits, we’re happy that we have a quarter of a million members who have chosen to be part of this movement."

Initiatives have included the launch of a Covid-19 fund that raised £75,000, and helping 750 families with energy grants. People's Energy has also established a Community Interest Fund that is looking to give fuel vouchers to those most in need this year.

The company said that as it continues to grow, further initiatives to help tackle fuel poverty and support good causes will be rolled out across UK.