Big softie Adonis spent over 380 days in the care of the Scottish SPCA at its Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Glasgow.

The American Bulldog cross had lots to learn when he arrived at the centre. His manners were a little lacking, so the expert animal care team developed a bespoke training programme to help prepare him for life in the big, bad world.

This meant working on his socialisation skills, as he was an excitable chap around dogs and humans and needed to learn more about what was acceptable around strangers. The team taught him basic commands and took him outside of the centre to get him used to as many sights, sounds and smells as possible so that he was ready for everything the world would throw at him.

Over time, a few people showed interest and he was even adopted a couple of times. Adonis could get quite rowdy in his kennel, especially when visitors stopped outside to say hello. But, sadly, it didn’t quite work out and he was brought back to the centre. It felt like the gentle giant was never going to find his perfect home.

However, the team did not give up. They persevered with Adonis and, more than a year after he first arrived, the perfect owner came through the door. The Scottish SPCA gave Adonis every chance to find his forever family – and eventually it all paid off.

This year has been tough. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish SPCA has continued to do everything they can to care for domestic, farm and wild animals in need. The Scottish SPCA is the only national charity in Scotland which looks after all species of animal.

Many of the thousands of animals the Scottish SPCA cares for at its Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Glasgow have been mistreated, abused or neglected. At the centre, they have the chance to regain trust and confidence. Sometimes, dogs which have been used to engage in animal fighting or born and bred on puppy farms need hours of care and support.

Please, don’t forget about these animals this Christmas.

Become a member of the Scottish SPCA and give animals a second chance. For £5 a month you can help to rescue, feed, care for, and rehome animals in need like Adonis.

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