By Scott Wright

A SMART packaging company based in Scotland’s BioCity has devised technology it says will alert people when

it is time to replace their face mask.

The smart label developed by Insignia Technologies changes colour to signal when a disposable mask has reached the end of its recommended lifespan, or when a reusable face covering needs changed.

While mask wearing has become part of

day-to-day life in Scotland, Insignia notes little attention has been given to whether people are changing their coverings often enough. The Centre For Evidence-Based Medicine recommends masks should be worn

for a maximum of four to six hours.

David Kilshaw, chief executive of Insignia Technologies, said: “We want to educate mask users of the importance of following recommended guidelines when it comes to face masks. By including our innovative label technology on masks, we can ensure PPE is being used responsibly and isn’t being worn too long, or thrown away too quickly.”