By Kristy Dorsey

A start-up company developing technology to promote remote collaboration on complicated projects has secured nearly half of million pounds to add further innovations to its digital platform.

Founded by energy industry entrepreneurs James McCallum and Colin Manson, Aberdeen-based Xergy originally designed its Proteus platform to connect staff and freelancers working on complex engineering tasks. It works alongside Proteus Marketplace, which allows companies to find the temporary experts required for specific projects.

Xergy says its has already invested £3 million in developing Proteus, and is now receiving a further £425,000 in grant funding from Scottish Enterprise as it seeks to move into new markets.

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“As we developed the product, it became clear that it had the potential to transform any business operating model in any sector, accelerating their digital transformation, transforming their working culture and creating cross vertical opportunities for a growing number of people who want to, or are forced to, work flexibly and remotely,” said Nigel Filer, Xergy’s chief operating officer.

“Proteus will create job opportunities for Scottish talent.”

The funding will “fast track” the route to market for Proteus through further customisation of the platform, the likes of which sit at the heart of efforts to boost economic activity through increased business efficiency.

Kerry Sharp, interim managing director of economic development at Scottish Enterprise, said: “Proteus has the potential to transform the way in which companies operate. Be enabling rated freelancers to work any time from anywhere, it also has the ability to create opportunities for Scottish skills globally.”