A project to create a 1930s-style cocktail bar, and restaurant and events space in Glasgow's landmark art deco Beresford building will get under way today.

The Beresford Lounge project will be delivered by Pacific Building, which is based at Hillington on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Designed by Glasgow-based Allison Architecture, the space will include the cocktail bar featuring a self-service area, and feature “statement lights”, a “pastel and metallics decor scheme” and a mural by Australian artist Catherine Abel.

The ground-floor space will include an “upmarket” restaurant “showcasing Scottish and British dishes using locally sourced produce”.

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The owner of the new Beresford Lounge, Daniel Halasz, said: “We’re really excited to finally start refurbishments. Despite the current pandemic and other events that affected venues on the street, we believe in our long-term vision and success of Beresford Lounge.”

The Beresford – named after architect William Beresford Inglis and built originally as a hotel – opened in 1938 to coincide with the Empire Exhibition and is now a B-listed building.

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Those behind the project highlighted the fact that the Beresford was the location of an address by John F Kennedy to 150 American survivors of the sinking of the Govan-built passenger liner SS Athenia, which was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland in September 1939, with 117 people killed.

The American survivors were taken to the Beresford and put up there following the sinking.

The building, on Sauchiehall Street, went on to house troops during World War II.

A private function room in the new lounge is to be “named in JFK’s honour”.

The Beresford was more recently converted into student accommodation and, for the past few years, has housed a number of serviced apartments, those behind the Beresford Lounge project noted.