By Ian McConnell

TRADE body Scottish Renewables has named Adam Morrison, project director for Moray West Offshore Wind Farm at Ocean Winds, as its new chairman.

Mr Morrison replaces Rob Forrest, chief executive of renewable energy developer GreenPower. Mr Forrest had chaired Scottish Renewables since 2018.

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Mr Morrison, who has been appointed for a three-year term, said: “Scotland’s potential as a renewable energy powerhouse is not in doubt and we have made enormous strides in recent years in demonstrating what we can deliver. That includes the deployment of projects that have led the way in cost reduction, as well as the development of a first-class service sector and exciting new technologies.”

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He added: “However there remain significant challenges, including ensuring fair access to the energy market, an efficient planning system and appropriate levels of support for new technologies and infrastructure improvement, which must be addressed if we are to fully realise that potential, meet the net-zero imperative and achieve a just energy transition.”