By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Hetherington sold 68 clean cattle, 35 cast cows, 1,335 prime hoggets and 459 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Twenty-two prime bullocks sold to 258p/kg and averaged 242p (+11p), while 46 prime heifers peaked at 266p to average 248p (+4p).

In the cast ring cows peaked at £1,677 and 231p to average 167p (+7p).

In the sheep ring prime hoggets peaked at £160 and 335p/kg for Beltex hoggs to average £123 (-£4) or 268p (-19p).

Heavy cast sheep sold to a top of £170 for Texel ewes and averaged £124 (+£8), while light ewes peaked at £93 for North Country Cheviot ewes to average £76 (-£1).

The firm also sold 22 prime heifers at Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 282p/kg and levelled at 239p (+26p), while 23 beef-bred bullocks sold to 240p and levelled at 221p (-1p).

Forty-five young beef-bred bulls peaked at 256p and averaged 202p (-21p), while 32 dairy-bred young bulls sold to 194p and levelled at 173p (-9p).

In the rough ring 68 cast beef cows peaked at 256p to average 158p (+4p), while 149 cast dairy cows sold to 180p to average 126p (+2p). Seven cast bulls sold to 188p and averaged 153p (+7p).

The 1,700 prime hoggs sold to £164 and 400p/kg to average 286p (-2p).

In the cast sheep section 241 heavy ewes peaked at £175 for a Texel to average £80 (+£12), while 29 hill ewes sold to £98 for Blackface to level at £85 (+£14).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,911 prime hoggets and 252 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

A mixed show of prime hoggets this week were still a dream to sell. Seven hundred weighed less than 36kg and many of them lacked flesh which pulled the average down to 275p/kg (-11p). Top prices were £150 for a pen of Beltex and 354p/kg for a pair of Beltex from the same home. The 705 Blackface hoggs averaged 273p or £110.

Good quality cast sheep were scarce yesterday but trade was still good. Top price of £158 was paid for Texel ewes, while Mules made up to £109 and Blackfaces sold to £90.

C&D Auction Marts sold 337 store cattle at its fortnightly sale in Dumfries yesterday. Bullocks sold to 314p and £1,345 to averaged 243p/kg, while heifers peaked at 289p and £1390 to average 227p.

The firm also held its Annual Spring Kirkcambeck Sale in conjunction with the Special Annual Spring Sale of Continental bred store cattle on Saturday March 20.

Native bred cattle were topped at £1,180 for a Beef Shorthorn bullock, while Belted Galloway bullocks peaked at £1,120. Continental bred store cattle peaked at £1,440 on two separate occasions for Limousins.