Is it a good time to do an MBA? Now more than ever before I would say. In a business world experiencing troubling times, leadership capabilities are required more than ever. We need people who are confident in dealing with difficult situations - the Strathclyde MBA builds your capabilities and confidence in decision making in these conditions.

We’ve seen many people over the past year turn businesses round and create new opportunities to face the challenges COVID has brought – and what the MBA does is it allows you to see the whole picture and become more innovative at work. The MBA gives you confidence to act when others are freezing in the face of new challenges. Really, I'd say there’s never been a better time to extract immediate value from an MBA.

You will also be gaining a new network of associates, both your MBA peers and Strathclyde alumni who are all addressing the COVID circumstances in different industries – peer learning is an important part of the MBA. Doing one now is helping you to power up in a crisis.


It’s very, very easy to find leaders and managers in organisations who agree that learning is crucial for employees; what’s more interesting is when you ask them, how are you investing in your own learning? Leaders should really ask themselves: what do I need, what would help me? For many, the answer to that lies with the MBA – and right now is when the value of an MBA comes to the fore.

In my opinion, there’s not much more you could do to upskill to face this crisis head on – the MBA is more important than ever. It’s incumbent on us - MBA providers - to keep developing it, to innovate what we offer so our students are business literate in the right ways and to ensure the MBA is of value – in the current climate, areas such as innovation, digital, sustainability are more important than ever and these are themes which run through our MBA along with our specific function areas such as marketing, HRM, Finance and so on.

This year, we’ve introduced new electives and ‘put our money where our mouth is’ in terms of innovation to deal with the current COVID crisis and ensure all routes of our MBA are still receiving the MBA experience they would expect from Strathclyde.   Our part-time Executive MBA offers you the opportunity to gain a valued and well-established management qualification in a way that's best suited to your professional and personal circumstances - for further information on the Executive MBA Glasgow programme visit