THE owner of a landmark Glasgow restaurant told this week how he has managed to retain all of his staff during the coronavirus crisis, saying it “feels like waking up from a bad dream”, as he prepares to reopen next month.

Marco Giannasi, who owns and runs the Battlefield Rest on the south side of Glasgow with his wife Yellena, described as “fantastic news” the bistro’s plans to reopen on April 26.

READ MORE: He noted the restaurant would have an outdoor licence for alcoholic drinks from 11am to 10pm when it reopens. It would, he added, be open from 11am until 8pm indoors, with no licence at this stage, in line with Scottish Government coronavirus restrictions.

HeraldScotland: Plans for windfarm unveiled.Plans for windfarm unveiled.

Windfarm development near Aberdeen on cards for oil and gas firm

Oil and gas entrepreneur Tom Cross has underlined his belief in the potential to develop a successful renewable energy business in Scotland and said he is in the market for acquisitions in the sector.

READ MORE: The North Sea-focused Parkmead Group oil and gas business run by Mr Cross has been working on plans to develop windfarms and the like on Aberdeenshire farmland it acquired in 2019 in an £8.5 million deal.

HeraldScotland: The device can save lives and reduce risks.The device can save lives and reduce risks.

New Scottish device to save lives while cutting down Covid risks

Scottish outdoor clothing specialist Keela has partnered with the NHS to develop what has been described as a “ground-breaking” CPR device to reduce the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19.

READ MORE: Together with NHS Tayside and Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL), the protective clothing specialist has created a piece of equipment that uses transparent fabric to create a barrier between a patient and the individual providing resuscitation. Known SARUS-CPR, an acronym of “safer airway resuscitation”, the hood can be easily fitted by trained CPR responders over the head of a collapsed patient.

HeraldScotland: Nucleus Financial chief executive David Ferguson. Picture: Gordon Terris.Nucleus Financial chief executive David Ferguson. Picture: Gordon Terris.

Outlook for jobs uncertain at Edinburgh fintech

Nucleus Financial chief executive David Ferguson has said a planned takeover of the firm that staff have opposed could be good for the business despite uncertainty about what it will mean for employees including himself.

READ MORE: Directors of Edinburgh-based Nucleus have recommended that shareholders accept a bid for the financial technology firm by a rival that values the business at around £145m.

First Look: Celebrity chef’s street food pop-up opens in Glasgow

Jimmy Lee’s Salt & Chilli Oriental opened this week in Glasgow's West End. 

READ MORE: The new pop-up on Dumbarton Road serves up “comforting Chinese classics alongside curious fusion concoctions”, mixing conventional Hong Kong street food with a “dose of modern Glasgow attitude”.


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