By Ian McConnell

A GLASGOW firm which has enjoyed strong revenue and staff growth as it has advised businesses on e-commerce strategies amid the Covid-19 pandemic has set up in Copenhagen and is developing its own software.

Hudson Commerce, which is focused on providing e-commerce websites, infrastructure and digital marketing for retailers and has established itself in its home city and in Manchester, also plans to open a second north-west England office this year. The digital agency noted its overseas expansion followed a focus on the e-commerce market – “one of the few sectors to grow significantly during the pandemic”.

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The firm said: “When Covid-19 hit, many businesses sought to shift their operations online, or pivoted to new products and services, which had to be sold remotely.”

Hudson noted its “ability to respond to the significant spike in demand for e-commerce strategies” had helped it deliver 150 per cent growth in revenue in the year to February 28. It now expects to achieve annual turnover of £1.5million by 2022. Headcount has doubled in the last year, from seven to 14.

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Ryan Findlay, CEO of Hudson, said: “Much has been made of the ‘pandemic pivot’, which effectively brought about years of digital conversion in a matter of months. We have responded well to the rapidly growing demand for digital-first business models and delivered excellent results for clients.

“Our ambitious strategy will see us grow our client base in those sectors where rapid digital conversion is most apparent, most notably in the retail industry.”

He added: “Investing in our own proprietary software is a vital part of our ability to best support client success. Built by our own team who use existing software every day, means we will be able to create bespoke solutions that respond to the evolving demands of e-commerce.”