There is a strong focus on developing job opportunities for young people via apprenticeships and offering support towards professional qualifications.

However a senior project manager has voiced concerns when calling into the virtual, interactive boardroom that is the Go Radio Business Show with Hunter & Haughey, explaining: “There’s a group of people in the workforce – and I can include myself in that – leaving the marketplace either by choice or by circumstance,” he said. “I wonder what your thoughts are on getting the positive experiences and knowledge of these people back into the workplace.”

Lord Willie Haughey agreed people with experience and expertise should not be lost to the workplace, adding: “It would be a good idea if the government had a skills department where you could go along and say, ‘I’m now unemployed, here’s the sector I worked in and my skills’.

“There should be a database for people with serious skills but unemployed and they should be highlighted to companies like mine. I definitely think more could be done to get people like yourself back into the workplace.”

Sir Tom Hunter was also keen to point out experience matters. He said: “You’re an absolute gem to be able to pass on your experience to others. There’s peer-to-peer support and learning, which I’m really passionate about.”

Both Sir Tom and Lord Haughey were just as keen to reignite confidence in the hospitality sector for a caller who owns restaurants and bars but was concerned venues were being labelled danger zones due to Covid-19.

Lord Haughey said: “I think the government has to do everything to get the hospitality industry back on its feet. If you guys believe the vaccine passports are going to help you get there, I’d listen to you. We need to take feedback from your industry in case the government has to make more changes to make things easier for you and the public.”

Sir Tom said: “I totally agree. The thing that’s got to happen is collaboration between the government and the people who know what they’re doing.” Along with guests from Scottish business, the Go Radio Business Show features advice and insight from Sir Tom and Lord Haughey at 11am on Sundays.