BREWGOODER, the Glasgow-based purpose-driven beer brand, is enabling beer drinkers to track the global impact of their purchase through new interactive cans.

The news comes after it announced an ambitious pledge to produce one billion pints of clean water in the next three years as part of a new partnership with Charity: Water, an organisation committed to solving the global water crisis in our lifetime.

Through the partnership, the sale of each individual Brewgooder beer will contribute 100 times its volume in clean water to support ongoing projects in 22 countries where reliable nationwide access to clean water continues to be a challenge, including Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, India, Kenya and Cambodia.

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The addition of a QR code on the can comes as Brewgooder releases an evolved brand look that celebrates the Scottish brewer’s fifth anniversary this month.

To accompany the new interactive cans, the refreshed Brewgooder website now enables beer fans to create personalised accounts that will build a detailed picture of the volume of clean water and projects they have unlocked.

HeraldScotland: Every can of Brewgooder sold unlocks 33 litres of clean drinking water to support and empower communities around the worldEvery can of Brewgooder sold unlocks 33 litres of clean drinking water to support and empower communities around the world

Brewgooder first launched with a mission to provide a million people with clean drinking water through the power of craft beer, and has since sold over three million cans of beer.

James Hughes, co-founder of Brewgooder, said: “Brewgooder was founded on the belief that beer has the power to change the world. Our journey so far has proved that together with our community of changemakers, we can make radical changes for communities.

"I’m so proud to be able to share our latest innovation and I’m confident that putting the real-world impact of every purchase into the hands of the people we will inspire a generation of beer fans to support projects that directly positively impact the lives of those who need it most."

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He said: “We’re long-time fans of our friends at Magic Rock and we’ve loved working with their incredible team who share our thirst for change. Together, we’ll be bringing our mission to more of the craft community and show that we can all make real change.”

The first of the newly branded cans that will feature the new QR code will be Brewgooder’s latest collaboration with Yorkshire craft brewers Magic Rock, who together have brewed an exclusive Passionfruit Session IPA.

"Packed with fruity flavours perfect for the summer months", the 4.1% ABV beer is named Magic:Ratio in honour of Brewgooder’s mission to contribute 1:100 litres of clean water per can that create waves of positivity around the world.

In the coming months, the "for-purpose" beer brand is set to announce a number of craft brewery partnerships and collaborations. Beer fans can purchase these brews online and from Co-op stores nationwide, and visit the Brewgooder website  to find out more about the clean water projects supported by the brewer.