By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 64 clean cattle, 60 cast cows, 134 prime lambs, 622 prime hoggets and 326 cast sheep at St Boswells on Monday.

Eighteen prime bullocks sold to 270p/kg and averaged 251p (+2p), while 41 prime heifers peaked at 275p to average 250p (-2p). Five young bulls sold to 208p.

In the cast ring cows peaked at £1,867 and 211p to average 163p (+4p), while eight cast bulls peaked at £1,705 and 155p to average 130p (+8p).

New season prime lambs sold to £175 and 390p for Texel lambs to average £145 or 338p (+15p).

Prime hoggets peaked at £201 and 363p/kg for Beltex to average 298p (+28p).

Heavy cast sheep sold to a top of £167 for Hampshire ewes and averaged £109 (-£16), while light ewes

peaked at £119 for North Country Cheviot ewes to average £89 (-£15).

The firm also sold 35 prime heifers at Carlisle on Monday which peaked at 287p/kg and levelled at 236p (-9p), while 21 beef-bred bullocks sold to 256p and levelled at 228p (+3p).

Four prime, dairy-bred bullocks peaked at 188p and averaged 181p (+9p) overall.

Forty-seven young beef-bred bulls peaked at 262p and averaged 206p (+7p), while 42 dairy-bred young bulls sold to 202p and levelled at 165p (-6p).

In the rough ring 121 cast beef cows peaked at 235p to average 160p (+8p), while 192 cast dairy cows sold to 197p to average 129p (+1p). Five cast bulls peaked at 159p to average 137p (-30p).

There were also 311 new season prime lambs that peaked at £190 and 432p/kg to average 345p (+12p), while 1,070 prime hoggs sold to £182 and 357p/kg to average 293p (+5p).

Lowland cast ewes (149) peaked at £132 for a Texel to average £97 (-£1), while hill ewes (29) sold to £115 for Hill Cheviots to average £64 (-£10).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 129 Spring lambs, 593 prime hoggets and 308 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday. Spring lamb numbers were well short of buyer’s requirement with the whole sale averaging 366p/kg or £156.

Top prices were £175 for a pen of Texels and 411p for a pen of Suffolks.

Prime hoggs would be sharper on the week with the sale averaging 295p or £130 for an end of season show.

Top prices were £158 for a pen of Suffolks and 363p for a pen of 22 Beltex. Blackface hoggs sold to £149 or 305p.

Cast sheep were scarce in terms of numbers and quality but trade was every bit as good as the previous week.

Texel ewes led the way at £180, while Texel crosses sold to £160. Mule ewes made up to £118 and Blackfaces peaked at £98.