By Ian McConnell

AROUND 600 new homes are planned on land at Dullatur Golf Club, near Cumbernauld, it has emerged.

And investment in the golf club provided by Hallam Land Management, which has purchased the land on which the housing is proposed, could be “supplemented” as the project progresses.

Asked whether the land had been purchased yet from Dullatur Golf Club and if the members had benefited, or whether a sale would be dependent on planning permission, a spokesman for Hallam replied: “Hallam purchased the proposed application site. Hallam are actively promoting the land for development and have provided investment in the club, which the club will use to upgrade and enhance existing facilities. That investment will be supplemented by Hallam should any land within the application site be sold for development purposes.

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“Additionally, the club have the right to continue to play the holes within the application site until development occurs.”

Hallam has submitted a proposal of application notice to North Lanarkshire Council. It has flagged its intention to file a planning application for the development after a minimum 12-week consultation period.

An online consultation will take place on May 12.

Asked by The Herald how many houses were proposed, the spokesman replied: “As the application will be for planning permission in principle, we do not have a definitive number established yet – this would be confirmed at the later detailed design stage. However, we anticipate that it will be approximately 600 new homes accommodating private and affordable homes.”

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Hallam, part of Henry Boot, said last week it hopes “to deliver an exciting new residential development of family homes” on the land.

It declared then: “The development will include much-needed private housing and affordable housing as well as providing the local area with significant economic benefits. Funds generated from the development will be used by the golf club to enhance its existing facilities and sustain its long-term future.”

Gary Smith, director of Hallam Land Management, said: “This...provides the perfect opportunity to bring more family housing to the area and deliver economic benefits, such as construction jobs. We are consulting extensively to ensure the public have an opportunity to input their views and shape our proposals.”