A firm that supplies teacher resources has said it will revise literature handed out to second year pupils following accusations it promotes NHS privatisation.

The discussion point leaflet entitled 'What might the future hold for the NHS'  outlines the £153million cost to the public purse and warns that the health service is becoming "more expensive to operate" because people are living 13 years longer than they did when it was set up.

It was produced by private firm, Twinkl Resources, which provides "inspirational" lesson plans, interactive activities and resource packs for schools.

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The text provoked an angry response after it was shared online by a UK doctor and health campaigner Julie Grace Patterson with critics questioning why it did not include a counter argument.

One Twitter user posted: "Perhaps they could show the average cost of cancer treatment in a private health care system."


Dr Patterson said it had been shared with her after being found in a pupil's schoolbag.

The company responded saying the leaflet aimed to make children aware that there are differing views about the NHS and the "ongoing conversation about privatisation".

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Another Twitter user said the workbook the text is part of presented a balanced view of the NHS, when read in its entirety.

However, the company has now said it will revise the text, following the complaints.

It said: "It's important to note that, as a reading comprehension, the full text would be used.

"But we can see that if the final paragraph is taken as a discussion point alone, this additional context and the strong message about the NHS is missing."