Co Wheels, a pay-as-you-go car hire program, is growing its 400-plus vehicle fleet by increasing its electric and hybrid offering at sites across Dundee.

The shift comes amid the prediction that the cost of electric vehicles will soon be as cheap as petrol-powered cars within the next four years, as battery technology improves and manufacturing expands.

The car club says it helps drivers save money and create a cleaner environment by making lower emission transport operations available to everyone.

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Richard Falconer, managing director at Co Wheels, said: “There’s a misconception of electric being costly; however, there’s a huge benefit for drivers to make that shift, as it helps to reduce congestion and pollution on the road. The average rental car also has emissions that are 26.6% lower than the average car on the UK’s roads.

“Lower-cost batteries and tax breaks will rapidly help make these models affordable for ordinary motorists rather than just the rich. Co Wheels’ ultimate goal is to reduce the number of privately owned cars on the road, so by offering our customers the chance to ‘try before they buy’, they may then decide to continue using our service.”

Car clubs can provide a wide range of environmental and financial benefits for individuals and society. Co Wheels’ vehicles are commonly used for large shopping trips or young professionals moving home, providing access to low-cost mobility, particularly where public transport and active travel are not suitable.

Laurence Endall, a pay-as-you-go member, said: “Nothing but praise for Co Wheels and the car share scheme in general. Hourly car and van rental should’ve been a thing a long time ago. Booking is simple, prices are very fair and customer service is great.”

Co Wheels, which also has over 700 members south of the Border, is carrying out extra measures of cleaning to protect vehicle users during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every vehicle is professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and all touch surfaces are cleaned with a new disinfectant once a month that keeps surfaces germ-free for up to 30 days.

Year-round work for Harris Tweed weavers sought by new partnership

HeraldScotland: Seasonality of demand is a challenge for Harris TweedSeasonality of demand is a challenge for Harris Tweed

HARRIS Tweed Hebrides has joined forces with Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University as it explores potential product developments and new international markets.

READ MORE: A key focus of the partnership will be on trying to help provide year-round work for weavers, and this will include looking at opportunities in the expanding interiors and accessories markets and for non-seasonal products more generally. 

Stuart Patrick: City centre needs August 9 green light

HeraldScotland: Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

OPINION: In my neighbourhood there are several businesses I am relieved to see have made it through the pandemic.

I count two restaurants, a coffee shop and a particularly good independent bookshop that help define the character of the area, and I sincerely hope with an amended Level 0 being reached on Monday they have survived the worst. I cannot yet be so confident about Glasgow city centre.

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