By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Hetherington sold 62 clean cattle, 34 cast cows, 2,463 prime lambs and 527 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Sixteen prime bullocks sold to 260p/kg and averaged 240p (-7p), while 45 prime heifers peaked at 270p to average 250p (+3p).

One young bull sold for 206p.

In the cast ring cows peaked at £1,507 and 199p to average 164p (+14p), while cast bulls peaked at £1,683

and 165p to average 132p.

A large show of prime lambs sold to £150 and 305p/kg for Beltex to average £112 or 260p overall (-10p).

Heavy cast sheep sold to a top of £173 for Texel ewes to average £136, while light ewes peaked at £135 for North Country Cheviots to average £110.

The firm also sold 18 prime heifers at Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 270p/kg to average 243p (+5p), while 19 beef-bred bullocks sold to 259p and levelled at 239p (+3p).

Thirty-seven, beef-bred young bulls peaked at 279p and averaged 215p (+15p), while 40 dairy-bred, young bulls sold to 210p and levelled at 182p (+2p).

In the rough ring 115 cast beef cows peaked at 255p to average 162p (-2p), while 137 cast dairy cows sold to 206p to average 134p (+11p). Four cast bulls peaked at 206p to average 134p (+8p).

There were also 2,357 prime lambs that

peaked at £147 or

325p/kg to average 256p (-7p).

Lowland cast ewes (170) peaked at £147 for a Texel to average £88 (-£5), while 52 hill ewes sold to £85 for a Hill Cheviot to average £50 (-£10).

Lawrie and Symington sold 24 prime and 83 cast

cattle at Lanark yesterday.

Prime heifers sold to 266p/kg or to £1,776 for the same animal, while bullocks sold to 266p or to £1622 for the same animal.

All classes of cast cows were dearer this week and peaked at £1,725 and 210p.

A larger show of 2,890 prime lambs this week peaked at £139 and 295p/kg for Texels to average 255p (-1p) overall.

A smaller show of 990 cast sheep were dearer than ever and peaked at £208 for Texel ewes, while Blackfaces sold to £114.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2,467 prime lambs and 623 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

The large show of prime lambs sold to a top of £132 on two occasions for pens of Texels, while a pen of Beltex lambs led the way per kilo at 283p.

All classes of cast sheep would be dearer on the week.

However, they were a poorer show for quality. Top price of the day was £162 for Texels, while Beltex ewes peaked at £146.

Suffolk ewes topped at £144, while Blackface ewes peaked at £110.