By Ian McConnell

HOSPITALITY entrepreneur David Hall, a former general manager of Edinburgh boutique hotel Tigerlily, has teamed up with ex-Hearts FC footballer George Wright to launch a business which aims to “revolutionise the way Scots enjoy takeaways”.

The pair’s Tribe Kitchen business will launch in the north of Edinburgh on Thursday – working with restaurants as it aims to capitalise on demand for high-quality meals for home delivery – after an initial investment of £250,000. Investment has included the creation of a central “smart” or “cloud” kitchen. Tribe Kitchen declared this concept is “big in the United States”. The kitchen will be overseen by executive chef Duncan Adamson

Tribe Kitchen also revealed plans to launch in other parts of Edinburgh and, subsequently, in other Scottish cities.

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Diners will be able to choose from dishes from a variety of “carefully selected independent restaurants” and from Tribe Kitchen’s own range of brands.

The whole order is then prepared by a team of professional Tribe Kitchen chefs. Tribe Kitchen will have its own delivery staff, on e-bikes.

Punjabi street food business Pakora Bar and Mexican restaurant Bodega are among those to have joined Tribe Kitchen. Their menus will sit alongside Tribe Kitchen’s “own range of restaurant-quality dishes”.

Tribe Kitchen said its brand range had been “inspired by cooking styles from around the world such as buttermilk chicken burgers from Saucy Birds, Asian fusion dishes from Soul Bowl and healthy delights from Naka”.

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It added that it was “looking for more entrepreneurial foodies and restaurants to join the Tribe”.

Explaining its business model, and setting out what it believes will be the benefits for partner restaurants, Tribe Kitchen said: “In a fundamental shift from the current delivery model in Scotland, there is no cost, capital outlay, staff, or logistical issues for the high-quality local independent restaurants that have signed up to be part of Tribe Kitchen.”

It added: “The team of Tribe Kitchen chefs work with partner restaurants to design and agree on a delivery-focused menu and the restaurant receives a revenue share of any sale in which their cuisine is included in the order. This resolves the current hardships many restaurants experience in which much of the margin is taken by delivery platforms and all of the delivery complaints sit firmly with the restaurants.”

Hospitality sector veteran Mr Hall, who also owns Vesta Bar & Kitchen in Edinburgh, said: “At a time when small restaurants have limited staff resource and must focus on satisfying existing in-restaurant demand, we can support them with additional revenue from those who aren’t eating out, whilst promoting their venues. It is a win-win concept.”