An aparthotel targeting the sustainable travel market has implemented a zero waste policy on single use plastic from its bathroom products and milk offering for guests during their stay.

Located in St Vincent Place, Native Glasgow is delivering products from local independent companies in reusable packaging as part of its "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" programme.

Disposable 30ml shower gels and shampoo bottles have been replaced by 250ml pump bottles made from recycled plastic and filled by luxury retailer, Gordon Castle. The eponymous locally-sourced Scottish products are organic, with natural essential oils and infusions made from herbs grown in a Walled Garden on the Gordon Castle estate.

Native has also worked with ethically-sourced Glasgow roaster Dear Green and Ayrshire dairy farm Mossgiel Milk to offer sustainable coffee. There is zero waste with the milk production as the organic milk is supplied and refilled on site, reducing landfill and cutting the hotel’s plastic use down considerably.

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Dear Green coffee - which is roasted and grinded in Glasgow - is available in all 64 guest rooms. Dear Green has created 21g mini-bags in sustainable and biodegradable packaging to accompany Native’s two-cup cafetieres, allowing guests to pour a fresh brew each time with limited waste.

“As a company, it’s important that we continue to seek out eco-friendly solutions for our guests and support the local economy," Scotland regional manager Gary White said. "Green growth will be key for future travel and at Native we are committed to lowering our environmental impact.

“Becoming greener is everyone’s responsibility and it’s one of the reasons why we have implemented our Reuse policy in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. By making small changes, we are proud to have zero waste on single use plastic and we will continue to do what we can and develop more sustainable practices.”