AN award-winning Scottish hotel and resort is offering customers £1,000 in vouchers if they help it find staff.

Auchrannie Resort on the Isle on Arran has emailed customers detailing the offer, which has various conditions, and features unique referral codes.

The employee-owned hotel back in 2019, ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighted the challenges it had faced in recruiting staff as a result of Brexit.

In recent times, the broader Scottish hospitality sector has highlighted major skills and labour shortages in the wake of Brexit and departure from the single market, with the loss of free movement of people between the UK and EU.

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Setting out the details of its "staff referral scheme", the hotel says: “Just share your unique referral code with anyone you think might be interested in joining the team at Auchrannie – this could be friends, family, neighbours or colleagues.

“Tell the person you have shared the referral code with to apply for any of our current vacancies through our website…We’ll let you know if we recruit someone who has used your referral code. If that person is still employed three months after starting with us, we’ll contact you to arrange delivery of the first 50% of vouchers. And, if after six months they are still part of the team, we’ll arrange for the remaining vouchers to be sent to you.”

In early 2019, Auchrannie revealed that Brexit was undermining its ability to retain and recruit staff from EU countries.