A SCOTTISH fabrication firm has bought into a company developing a new mooring buoy which allows hybrid and electric vessels to recharge at sea after it was approached to carry out its manufacture.

Wilkie Engineering of Newburgh become a shareholder in Aberdeen-based Oasis Marine Power after getting involved in the early stages of the project.

The two companies will work in collaboration to deliver the Oasis Power Buoy. The Oasis Power Buoy is a mooring buoy with electrical power supply. It will initially be installed at offshore wind farms where hybrid and electric crew transfer vessels can replenish their batteries in field, making it a “fully credible alternative to diesel”, it is claimed.

The buoy receives its power directly from the wind turbines, providing a zero-emission energy source, providing a dual function as an offshore mooring and charging point.


Oasis Marine Power visited Wilkies to witness the final testing of the buoy before sea trials begin later this month. Oasis was established in 2020 to drive green marine energy solutions and approached Wilkie Engineering to manufacture its design.

George Smith, managing director, Oasis Marine Power, said: “We are thrilled to have Wilkie Engineering as both our manufacturers and investors. It was of utmost importance to have a local company on board that we could fully trust to deliver the quality engineering required.”

“Wilkies also share our aspirations for creating a new generation of products that will reduce carbon emissions and have longevity in the marine sector.”

Russel Davies, managing director, Wilkie Engineering, said:“Wilkie Engineering are delighted to be part of a new venture with Oasis Marine Power. This is a strategically important move for Wilkie Engineering as we diversify into the renewable sector and we look forward to working hand in hand with George and his team in developing the Oasis Power Buoy and future products.”