By Dominic Ryan

As the world assesses whether COP26 in Glasgow has met or fallen short in its promise to tackle climate change, Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Willie Haughey have revealed their own personal views.

Speaking on the Go Radio business show, Sir Tom told host Donald Martin, editor of The Herald and Herald on Sunday: “Was COP26 a success? The truth of the matter is we won’t know until years ahead because COP26 was about words: are the words going to turn into action?

“There were good words but I tend to listen to Bill Gates and his point of view was that at the last COP, which was Paris 2015, innovation and clean tech was hardly on the agenda, but in Glasgow it was centre stage and he said this about it. Innovation is the only way the world can cut net greenhouse gas emissions from 51 billion tonnes to zero.

"So what does that mean for entrepreneurs in Scotland? I think entrepreneurs are at the heart of this because entrepreneurs are optimistic and you have to be optimistic about the climate.

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“They can collaborate but the most important thing entrepreneurs do is they take action. Let’s hope in the years to come, when we look back, Glasgow was the place where the world decided to take action.”

Lord Haughey was equally optimistic, saying: “History will show COP26 to be a success because I think more and more people have woken up to the task we have in front of us.

"It was sad to see the poorer countries, smaller islands, all these places where life depends on success just how upset they were at the end. They were going to sign it it but with tears in their eyes.”

However he added: “There’s a unique opportunity for Scotland to be at the forefront of how we go forward. Let’s call it the green revolution.

"If Scotland wants COP26 to be a success, we shouldn’t stop talking about it now the barricades are away and the people all gone. We’re going to take the baton and run with it!”