A SCOTTISH brewer has introduced a green refillable beer bottle system after receiving grant funding.

The Isle of Arran Brewery introduced the new Growler Filler to its shop in Cladach after being backed by  Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund

The firm has launched a system for growlers, large, re-usable bottles with an on-site as an environmental initiative to reduce packaging usage.

The brewer said that originally growlers were covered pails used for people to take beer home from pubs at closing time, and the name “comes from the sound made by the carbon dioxide rattling the lid as it escaped from the beer as it sloshed around inside the pail”.


The brewer added:  “From your point of view, it’s very easy. You bring your Growler to the Isle of Arran Brewery Shop (or rent one from us), we wash it then fill it. The whole process only takes a few minutes and you don’t pay for the glass bottle, the labels or the crown caps which are normally part of the price of bottled beer.

“Currently the Brewery Shop in Cladach is the only place where you will be able to get your growler filled with Isle of Arran Beer. We are, however, looking to expand this service to two further outlets on the island and are looking for recommendations from islanders as to where these might be located.”

Time to lift the shroud of secrecy on pay and gender

There’s been a great deal of talk about pay differences between men and women – how big is the gap, is it narrowing, how do we eliminate it? But despite all the high-level discussion, there remains a culture of secrecy about salaries at ground level that doggedly hampers efforts to achieve parity.

A recent study by HR software provider CIPHR found that while nearly all workers agree that the UK has a gender pay gap, more than half do not believe there are disparities in their own workplace.

Joanne Lockwood: Tolerance should not be taken to the extreme

We are starting to understand the negative impact social media is having on our lives – the ability of radical or extreme views to be shared without apparent consequence or restriction.

The impact that Facebook’s algorithms have in amplifying divisive content is better understood, and it has been known for a while that platforms such as Twitter allow people to hide with anonymity while promoting radical views that generate followers.