Glasgow-based technology developer Akari Solutions is enhancing its environmental credentials with the launch of a new app that allows individuals to track their carbon footprint as part of their organisation’s overall sustainability goals. 

Akari co-founder and managing director Margaret Totten said whereas most technology solutions aim to cut carbon generated through business supply chains, EnviroTrak focuses on the day-to-day activities of people within an organisation. Information such as work-related travel is fed back to a central hub that allows leaders to identify where they can take action to reduce harmful outputs. 

“If you find that one of you biggest things for carbon footprint is travel, you can look at if there is a way to cut down on that,” she said. “So for example, is there a way you can utilise all the lessons learned from the last couple of years of Covid to do more things remotely?”

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Originally developed as a bespoke product for a major UK broadcaster at the end of last year, EnviroTrak is now available as a stand-alone product available to firms of all sizes. There are plans to add water and waste tracking to the offering. 

Launched in April 2019, Akari employs 40 people helping businesses get more out of their existing Microsoft technology, in particular the Teams platform. 

“With every product we build, we look at how customers can get a return on the investment they have already made,” Ms Totten said. “We don’t want to create something where you have to go out and buy lots of new tech just to make it work.”