A SCOTTISH company that claims to have created a world-first range of soluble wet wipe products has entered into a major partnership with an Australian sustainable beauty company.

Fife-based McCormack Innovation has joined forces with Conserving Beauty, which has launched one product using the technology and processes developed in Scotland and is about to unveil a second.

Conserving Beauty, which sells its products through retailer Mecca as well as online, said its first InstaMelt wipe, which dissolves in water after use was sold out on launch, and a sheet face mask product that is also soluble is set to be available for the first time next week.

Brian McCormack, founder of McCormack Innovation, said: “These products invented in Scotland are the solution to the plastic wipes, plastic sheet face masks and other products that block sewage systems and cause untold misery to marine life, the environment and the pockets of councils who are continually having to deal with the problems of fatbergs.

“The world’s first truly dissolving wipe has now been taken forward in the world of cosmetics.

“On launch some of the biggest Australian celebrities endorsed the product and none other than Elle Macpherson who is on the board of directors of Conserving Beauty.”

A biodegradable element to the products was certified by Livingston-based Impact Solution. It confirmed that if the user chooses not to use dissolve the product it can be put to landfill and will biodegrade within seven days “with no impact to marine life or the environment”.

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Conserving Beauty was founded in Melbourne by Natassia Nicola. The company said: “We developed a world-first patented fabric technology in exclusive partnership with McCormack Innovation.

“Our fabric made from a patented water-soluble polymer which is then treated with Conserving Beauty’s anhydrous formulations to create revolutionary skincare solutions that dissolve instantly in water after use.”

Mr McCormack said:“This product has global application and will have a definite environmental impact worldwide.”

Scottish soluble wipe firm links with Elle Macpherson beauty companyBrian McCormack

He also said his suite of products is gaining broader international attention: “There is a huge amount of activity. I was live out of CBC News in Toronto last week, the subject was problems of plastic wipes blocking up sewage systems in Canada. After the programme we were inundated with inbound interest.

“My daughter who lives in Australia has just informed me the story of the wipe has just featured on breakfast TV.”

The pioneering Scottish company has also linked with Salts Healthcare of Birmingham, one of the oldest family-run healthcare firms in the UK, to create the Salts FlushAway Wipe, an adhesive remover wipe, which dissolves in water in two minutes, for people who are living with stoma.

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Its soluble medical tape can easily be removed from sensitive or damaged skin without touching the patient or the dressing and greatly reducing patient trauma.

The tape can be submersed in water for a short period of time where it will detach itself from the skin without any need for abrasion. It can also be removed in the shower or with a fine spray of water, and leaves no residue.

McCormack Innovation, working alongside strategic partners including the University of Dundee in developing dressings that will dissolve in seconds when immersed in water, also signed a significant supply agreement for Yemen.

The company’s soluble bandages have been praised by experts and subject to separate contracts.

McCormack Innovation dissolving wipes were selected for use on an Atlantic rowing expedition, the 12-person Roxy Expedition Atlantic Ocean Row managed by Rannoch Adventure Ltd.

Mr McCormack, who is a retired miner, has devised a series of inventions around dissolving materials and has also linked up with scientists at the University of Strathclyde to develop ways of tackling waste in space.