By Karen Peattie

AN electric mobility vehicle group is the latest firm to move into Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) in Dundee.

OTG, an Italian partnership, will initially manufacture a range of electric golf carts with plans to expand the range into other sustainable mobility options, based on market demand. Ten jobs will be created.

Last week, it was announced that AMTE Power, which develops and manufactures lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells, has chosen the Dundee site as its preferred location for a new megafactory.

MSIP’s chief executive Greig Coull said: “This is another clear demonstration of progress in delivering our ambition to create jobs and economic growth for Dundee and Scotland.”

Giorgio Cozzolino, OTG Ltd director, said: “Our business strategy is underpinned by partnerships and people, as well as our experience in business, design and technology, to develop collaborations.

Noting his intention to “bring the best of Italian design and technology to Scotland”, he added: “Our projects and business cover a wide range of sectors from the manufacturing of golf and street carts, as well as consumers goods. What they all have in common is an eye for design and style, technological advancement, and minimising any environmental impact.”