By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Heatherington Ltd sold 31 prime heifers at Carlisle yesterday to a top of 302p/kg to average 279p (+8p), while 18 beef-bred, prime bullocks peaked at 289p to average 253p (+17p).

Seventy-three beef-bred, young bulls sold to 292p to average 243p (+9p), while 18 dairy-bred, young bulls peaked at 229p to average 197p (+11p).

In the cast ring 68 beef cows sold to 233p and averaged 190p (+1p) while 139 dairy types sold to 199p to average 151p (+2p). Five cast bulls sold up to 195p and averaged 176p (+16p).

In the sheep ring 1,790 prime lambs sold to £185 and 430p/kg to average 257p (-6p).

Heavy cast sheep (233) peaked at £180 for a Texel to average £104 (-£2), while 88 light ewes sold to £115 for a Cheviot to average £50 (-£7).

The firm also sold 74 clean cattle, 24 cast cattle, 2,173 prime lambs and 758 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Thirty-three, beef-bred prime bullocks sold to 300p/kg to average 280p (+4p), while 40 prime heifers peaked at 316p to average 270p (-10p).

Cast cows (24) peaked at £1748 and 269p to average 209p (+5p).

In the sheep section prime lambs peaked at £169 for Texels and 300p for Beltex to average £110 (-£6) or 246p (-10p).

Cast sheep sold to £139 for a Blue Texel and averaged £121 (-£15) for heavy ewes, while light ewes peaked at £105 for North Country Cheviot ewes to average £81 (-£20).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 2,172 prime lambs and 621 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

The show of prime lambs sold to average 248p (+2p) or £110 per head.

Top price was £200 for a Texel lamb weighing 44kg that was consigned by Mr Hugh Dunlop, Holehouse Farm with the proceeds kindly donated to The Jay Walk in aid of Ayrshire Cancer Support.

The same lamb was re-presented and bought a further three times.

The total amount raised for Ayrshire Cancer Support was £750.

Outwith the charity lamb top prices were £140 for a Texel and 290p for a pair of Beltex.

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 35 prime cattle and 65 cast cows at Lanark yesterday.

Sixteen beef-bred heifers sold to 302p/kg to average 283p (+1p), while four beef-bred bullocks peaked at 290p to average 265p (-5p).

Six prime, dairy-bred bullocks peaked at 240p and averaged 226p (n/c). Nine young bulls sold to average 238p (-2p).

In the cast cattle section 35 beef cows averaged 178p (-2p), while 28 dairy cows levelled at 162 (+2p).

There were also 2928 prime lambs at Lanark yesterday that sold to £156 and 291p/kg to average 242p (-10p).

Cast ewes (2240) sold to £254 for a Texel to average £71(-£22).