DC Singh Signs New Deal With Premier Football Club

There are two types of people in the world; those born with a purpose and those without. But every once in a while, an industry leader takes over like it is their birthright, claiming their place at the epicentre of what they strive to do. The same can be said for Didar Singh Chalana, better known by his moniker of DC Singh, who has taken on perhaps the biggest challenge the fashion industry can present: staying original.

Entrepreneur DC SinghDC Singh

Who Is DC Singh?

DC Singh is not too different from you. With his eye for good couture and design and a knack for turning ideas into masterpieces, DC is a self-made fashion designer who socialises with the world’s top manufacturers and wholesalers. But two is better than one, and DC’s genius does not stop at just sartorial elegance. He has a vast property portfolio which is constantly expanding while he invests in new development’s.

How Does He Do What He Does Best?

DC has an innate drive that compels him to give a full 100% to his commitments. He achieves whatever he sets out to do. Hard work and dedication are his two constants, but there are some other ingredients that he adds to the concoction he is rather tight-lipped about. To feel the magnitude of his success, look at all he has accomplished. Edinburgh Cashmere, Edinburgh Lambswool, DC Designs, Clans Cashmere, and DC Milan are some of his successful enterprises. To run multiple brands at the forefront of an already competitive industry is a mark of his unique business acumen.

DC Singh Chalana makes standing out from the crowd, an otherwise arduous endeavour, fun and enjoyable. Should you want to do it right, follow in Chalana’s footsteps; he has already blazed the trail.

Entrepreneur DC SinghDC Singh

Spilling the Beans on Edinburgh Cashmere – How Big of a Deal Is It?

Luxury as its middle name, Edinburgh Cashmere can be your perfect wardrobe companion if you are all about making extravagant and bold fashion statements.

Edinburgh Cashmere is one of the biggest wholesalers and manufacturers of 100% pure lambswool and 100% pure cashmere.

There are many names out in the fashion space claiming the products they sell are 100% pure lambswool and 100% pure cashmere. But straight from any fashion connoisseur, there are tells to every material.

These sellers have social media outrages to mitigate, but DC Singh and his Edinburgh Cashmere never face such backlash. His clients put their faith in him, and it is never misplaced.

And that is the secret to building an empire; making it not about you but your clients.

Entrepreneur DC Singh

Edinburgh Cashmere has a diverse range of scarves, stoles and capes — perfect for fashion enthusiasts wanting to try a new look. The brand’s top-selling products include the DC Monogram Reversible Scarf,

Thistle design scarves, the Highland Stag Cape, and DC Stoles. The selling point of Edinburgh Cashmere regalia — particularly the scarves — is their length. Neither too long nor too short, Edinburgh Cashmere scarves can be worn in several ways; draping, over-hand, and twice around are only a few.

Edinburgh Cashmere promises you a unique look no matter how you style its products.

Entrepreneur DC SinghDC Singh

Premier Football Club Deal – Another Feather In DC’s Cap

DC has signed a new deal with a premier football club. To all of DC’s fans who love football, great things are coming. While DC has kept a big part of his “deal” under cover of secrecy, it is safe to say it will have something to do with sports merchandising.

The picture is big and aims high. Football merchandising does not need to be all t-shirts. DC’s take on football merchandising is sure to come as a breath of fresh air for fans from all walks of life.

Entrepreneur DC SinghDC Singh

Is There More In Store For DC Fans?

With fashion-forwardness and football merchandising down, DC has set his eyes on property development. With a number of projects under secret development, DC is expected to make one of his usual pomp-and-show debuts. There is also talk of a ride-hailing app.

If we have seen and learned anything from DC’s previous ventures, we know one thing is set in stone; this app will address an important need of the masses.

How exactly will DC’s taxi app differ from its preexisting competition is a mystery we have yet to solve. Apart from his highly-anticipated taxi app, there is also talk of the DC Tasty franchise, Chalana’s healthy-food brand.

Having said all, Edinburgh Cashmere is sure to satisfy all of your inner fashionistas.