By Neale McQuistin

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 28 prime cattle and 30 cast cows at Lanark.

Fourteen prime, beef-breed, heifers sold to 300p and averaged 286p (+6p), while three beef-breed bullocks averaged 278p (+6p). Eight dairy bullocks and heifers averaged 218p (+4p). Three young bulls averaged 225p (-5p).

In the cast ring 15 beef cows averaged 175p (-5p), while 14 dairy cows averaged 148p (-6p). One cast bull sold for 150p.

The firm also sold 4,116 prime lambs that peaked at £147 and 333p/kg to average 241p (+9p).

The 3,280 sheep in the cast ring averaged £75.84 which was only a slight fall of 16p on the week. Top price was £212 for a Texel, while the 1,148 Blackface ewes in the cast ring peaked at £98.

Caledonian Marts sold 247 store cattle at its fortnightly sale at Stirling.

Bullocks averaged 230p/kg and peaked at 265p for a pen of Limousins and to £1210 for a pen of Lincoln Reds. Heifers averaged 226p selling to 274p for a pen of Limousins and to £1200 for a Simmental. Black & Whites sold to 195p and to £900.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2,952 prime lambs and 809 cast sheep at Ayr on Monday.

It was another good show of powerful lambs this week that sold well from start to finish.

The sale average was 236p (+2p) or £106 (+£3) per head.

Top price per head of £147 was paid for a heavyweight Texel, while a heavyweight Suffolk sold to £144. Beltex lambs sold to 286p for 42 Kilo Lambs and to 283p for 46 Kilos lambs. Cast sheep were a leaner show this week, but all types were still very easily cashed.

Top price was £220 for a pen of three pure Texels, while Mules peaked at £96 and Blackface ewes sold to £80 for two pens. Rams topped at £165 for a Texel.

The firm also sold 292 MV accredited rams at Ayr on Saturday. Quality types were very easily sold with shearlings peaking at £1,800 for a Texel from Ian and David Walker, Laigh Alticane. This was followed at £1,550 for a Texel from Elizabeth Vance, Bridgehouse. Ram lambs peaked at £1,400 for two Suffolks from Robert and Helen Goldie, Harpercroft.

There were also 254 non-accredited rams and ram lambs at the sale.

All quality rams of any breed were easy to cash with buyers looking for good correct sheep. Top price of £1,600 was paid for a Texel shearling sold by A Currie, Fisherton. Bluefaced Leicester shearlings peaked at £1,300 from Michael and Fiona Burns, Glenside, Kirkmichael, while the lamb section sold to a top of £1,000 for a Bluefaced Leicester sold by Neil Gillon, Lanes.