Vision, consistency, determination and hard work make big leaders like Didar Singh Chalana. The man has not stepped towards success by luck; his sleepless nights and immense vision were the cornerstones of his success.

The name DC Singh has a great reputation globally, and it took him over a decade to reach that position. DC Singh is into many business areas like manufacturing, design, fashion, property development and ingenious apps.

His growth and success clearly reflect his passion towards business and style, which inspires other global fashion brands.  


After his success in business, DC Singh entered the world of manufacturing and design for football clubs across the UK and Europe. His Check scarf, DC Monogram stole, DC cape, Thistle design reversible scarf, Highland Stag stole, Milano cape and DC Classic check blanket are known worldwide for their quality, comfort and style.

His unwavering devotion to quality has allowed him to collaborate with French and Italian fashion brands while DC Singh has started supplying Premier League Football clubs with the merchandise.  

DC Singh is known to incorporate style into everything. He does not compromise on fashion and style. His collaboration with top fashion brands and football clubs ensures that the fashion game of his brand will always be strong.

And his commitment to offering unique and stylish products remains strong as ever. DC Singh’s 100% pure CASHMERE, 100% pure lambswool scarves, stoles, capes and blankets., are some examples of how DC Singh has been dominant in the fashion world, offering the best.  

DC Singh Manufactures And Designs For The Football Club

DC Singh’s love and passion for fashion have led him towards heights of success and growth. Entering the football merchandising sector is another great achievement in the list of his ever-growing milestones. Merchandise produced for football clubs is specifically designed to show the passion towards football.

After working with international investors and multinational businesses, DC Singh has reached a position where his football club merchandise is achieving success. Not a single product introduced by DC Singh has failed; all the credit goes to his fashion sense and how he keeps the fashion game on for football clubs.  

DC Singh’s latest fashion mindset allows him to succeed in every area; the same is the deal with his football club merchandise. After the victory of his Sustainable Luxury Cashmere Brand, Edinburgh Cashmere and Edinburgh Lambswool, his designs for the football club are also dominating the market.


The football club merchandise includes uniquely designed items in top quality material. DC Singh is the epitome of style, fashion, and inspiration for the current generation. The moral for his journey is; hard work, determination, and consistency always pay off.  

DC Classic Check Design Is A Global Sensation  

DC Singh has always been very specific about his designs to stay unique among other fashion brands. His Check Cashmere is popular around the world for its design, colours and quality.

DC Singh does not compromise on style; the quality, style and colours are exceptional, and his logo adds value to his products. It has taken more than a decade to reach this point where DC Singh’s products have high value in the market and is considered a luxury brand globally. After founding Edinburgh Cashmere, DC Singh refused to look back and has progressed since then.

His passion and hard work are an inspiration for a lot. Entrepreneurship is in his blood; the man is self-made and knows his direction, which is only towards expansion and success.  

DC Classic Check scarf, DC Monogram stole, and DC cape are the signature products that have helped him grow worldwide. The products are not specific to any culture; he only praises fashion and style, which is equal for all. His designs are considered one of the world’s most recognized designs, resulting in his collaboration with top French and Italian designers.


Many consider DC Singh a fashion icon who knows how to present oneself. He has been working to take the fashion game to another level while his designs are the most demanded ones attracting French and Italian designers to collaborate.  

DC Singh’s success has proved his skills and unique fashion sense. Such a self-made man who has achieved a global reputation is an inspiration for all those who want to be entrepreneurs. DC Singh never stopped after his success in one area, he entered something new. His inspiring attitude and growth path are a lesson for many young individuals.

Even the biggest dream can be achieved with consistency and dedication; DC Singh is the biggest example of how a vision and a drive to succeed can pave the way for greatness.