In an exclusive interview with the Go Radio Business Show, Andrew Dobbie, the founder and chief executive of MadeBrave, has revealed the project that made him and his team most proud of their mission to help promote businesses.

Chatting on the show with Sir Tom and Lord Haughey, the creative force behind the Glasgow-based media company revealed: “We do all the marketing for the First Bus group for the whole of Scotland. A few years ago they asked us to create a campaign to tell Glasgow and beyond that they now had eco-friendly vehicles: in effect, their electric buses were launching.

“It was one of those briefs where you could simply go and put up billboard adverts saying, you know, new electric buses are here and such and such.

“However, we were thinking slightly differently

at the time. I said to them: ‘Remember when you were young and you got like a Hot Wheels car or a little toy bus?’

“We put these toy buses on the table and I asked: ‘Do

you remember these? Do you get the feeling of immense nostalgia from these toy buses?’

“I said: ‘Let me build a full one-to-one replica of a toy bus in George Square in Glasgow?’

“And they said yes! So we built an actual full-size double decker bus in a giant Hot Wheels kind of wrapper in the middle of George Square.

“The great thing about it was it brought the whole of Glasgow down to see that bus. It was a major talking point. Just as importantly,

it created the PR for us too.

“But it gave the bus drivers and all of the people in First Bus something to be proud of. The drivers were pointing it out to passengers and asking: ‘Have you seen our bus?’

“I think that with this, as with every great campaign, we will always talk about branding from the inside out at MadeBrave.

“What I’m really interested in is, when you create a great creative solution for a company, is getting the whole team, the whole company, galvanised behind it because you get a much bigger swell.

“I’m really proud of that First Bus campaign. I think First Bus have a great brand and they’ve really evolved through the years.”