An award-winning Scottish castle outside Edinburgh, which specialises in weddings and events, is undertaking improvements to its services and facilities following a £3.4 million investment from The Cumberland Building Society.

Work funded by the investment, which will see the castle welcome more guests and offer a greater choice of state-of-the-art accommodation, is under way and will be completed this year.

Carlowrie Castle, which was built in 1852 in the Scottish Baronial style, has 21 spacious bedrooms, with every room offering views of the countryside.

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Founder and chief executive Andrew Marshall said: “We’re delighted to have worked with The Cumberland to create new accommodation options for our guests at Carlowrie Castle in order to meet growing demand. It was crucial for me to find the right lending partner and when I came across The Cumberland I was pleased that our founding values were aligned. They ticked all the right boxes and the team didn’t disappoint when it came to working together to make our goals a reality.”

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He added: “I look forward to further opportunities to collaborate as we continue to grow and evolve the Carlowrie Group in the years to come.”

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A formerly derelict stables block located inside a walled garden in the castle grounds has been restored to house seven ensuite bedrooms, while five modern cabins and a sauna will be erected in the new year, offering accommodation for a further 10 people.

When the works are complete, the castle and its 32-acre grounds, which have a rich heritage including being the only home Isobel Wylie Hutchison, described by Carlowrie Castle as “Scotland’s greatest female explorer”, will be able to accommodate 50 guests.