Environmentally conscious Scottish fashion brand Beira Moda is on the hunt for a permanent retail outlet and a local factory to produce its garments as it seeks to further its sustainable credentials.

The move comes despite founder Antionette Fionda's concerns about post-Brexit import tariffs that she says have increased the rate of VAT on products from Europe from 20 per cent to around 34%. She has warned that this will "kill" small businesses such as hers if the government does not step in to help.

Following a successful career as a fashion designer, Ms Fionda set up her own brand in Edinburgh in 2018 after getting frustrated with the lack of options available to environmentally-minded consumers. Beira Moda uses fabric that would otherwise be discarded by luxury fashion houses in Italy and transforms it into one-off garments, bringing a fresh life to material that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

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With a £50,000 funding boost from its recent success at the Scottish EDGE awards, the company is seeking to further lower its carbon footprint by focusing its manufacturing processes entirely in Scotland. Ms Fionda is also scoping out a permanent location to open her first bricks and mortar store following successful pop-ups in Edinburgh and London.

“Our business is growing from strength to strength and we are really looking forward to the next chapter, opening more pop-ups and finding a permanent location for the store," she said.

“We’re also hoping to expand the team in 2023, and will be making use of the coaching and mentoring services offered at the Royal Bank Accelerator Hub to ensure we have the correct infrastructure as we continue to grow."

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Her expansion plans come despite concerns about the rapid hike in import taxes which she recently warned have made it "almost impossible for small businesses moving forward".

Ms Fionda has been taking part in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub, which helps Scottish entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

"Winning the Net Zero EDGE award was a real ‘pinch me’ moment for me as an entrepreneur, and the funding will be vital to help us make our big dreams a reality," she said. "The Accelerator Hub has also been a game changer for Beira Moda, and I’m excited to continue that relationship in our next exciting chapter.”