A Glasgow engineering company specialising in medical imaging has secured key accreditation for its technology ahead of formal product launch in June.

MR CoilTech, set up in 2017 by the University of Glasgow's Dr Shajan Gunamony, has secured ISO certification for its specialised radiofrequency (RF) coils which enable greater resolution in brain scanning. This will allow researchers to learn more about brain conditions such as stroke, vascular dementia, brain tumours, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease than previously possible.

Currently employing four people and having sold products for research use to universities in the US and Europe, MR CoilTech was assisted with its accreditation application by the University of Glasgow and InnoScot Health, formerly known as Scottish Health Innovations Ltd. The company's technology is based on Mr Gunamony's academic work, and it licensed from the University of Glasgow.

The company said it has a full order book for 2023 and is anticipating "immediate" growth as a result of the certification, which is globally recognised.

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“We are delighted to receive ISO accreditation, a major milestone for MR CoilTech," Mr Gunamony said. "Achieving this internationally-recognised quality standard will provide assurance to our customers in the quality, safety and efficiency of our RF coils.

“This accreditation will support MR CoilTech to continue to grow and deliver devices world-wide to enhance advanced imaging and allow researchers to study images at an exceptionally high-resolution, advancing research and perhaps leading to new ways to diagnose or treat patients.”

MR CoilTech is an industry partner in the University of Glasgow-led Living Laboratory for Precision Medicine programme led by the University of Glasgow, which is supported by UKRI Strength in Places Funding.

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Building on previous successes between MR CoilTech and Glasgow-based design company Wideblue in developing advanced MRI imaging head coils, the Living Laboratory is establishing a pipeline of new body-part-specific coils with the 7T MRI scanner within the University of Glasgow’s imaging centre of excellence. This is aimed at extending the imaging capabilities and use of 7T MRI to more parts of the body than currently possible.

“We have been working with MR CoilTech over a number of years, helping them with the design and development of their head coil," said Barry Warden, managing director of Wideblue. "We are pleased to hear that they have received ISO13485 accreditation as it recognises all of their hard work bringing the next generation of MRI scanners to market.”