The owner of Edinburgh Cashmere is set to boost production after signing a partnership with with an unnamed manufacturer in Mongolia.

Described as one of the East Asian country's largest luxury textiles producers, the factory is expected to produce up to one million cashmere and lambswool products for Edinburgh Cashemere on an annual basis. Didar Singh Chalana, who set up the Scottish business nine years ago, said the value of these goods will be between £5 million and £10m per year.

The factory is described as using the latest state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, with raw materials sourced sustainably and ethically. Mr Chalana, also known as DC Singh, said the venture will allow Edinburgh Cashmere to keep up with ever-increasing demand.

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Born in Punjab, India, Mr Chalana has a background in wholesaling. He was working in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in 2008 when he first got the idea for setting up his own cashmere company.

He incorporated the business in 2014 and started working to develop a range of designs, including a collection of cashmere clan scarves. He has supplied products wholesale into the UK, France, Italy, the US and Japan, and started selling own-branded products online in 2021.