A PERTHSHIRE-based off-road driving and training centre has moved into employee ownership.

Land Rover Experience in Dunkeld, which offers a range of driving experiences, corporate days, and training courses, in scenic locations, underwent the shift after shareholders assessed their retirement options.

Staff have been given an 83 per cent shareholding in the business via the creation of an employee ownership trust.

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Director Will Cox said: “We were conscious some of our shareholders were due to retire, so began looking at options to sell the business commercially as well as internally.

"Through Scottish Enterprise we learned about employee ownership and, following discussion with our employees, decided to sell 83% of the business to the team, with one remaining director retaining the other 17%.

“Employee ownership ended up being a great fit for us, as we really wanted to ensure the business stayed in the local area and retained its existing management team. We believe it will ultimately make the team stronger and even more invested in ensuring the company’s continuing success while maintaining the excellent level of customer service we’ve always provided.”

The company was supported through the ownership change after working with Co-operative Development Scotland, part of Scottish Enterprise, which supports businesses considering their succession options.

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Clare Alexander, head of CDS, said: “It’s easy to see why employee ownership would appeal to a business like Land Rover Experience Scotland, with its dedicated team of experts and firm roots in the local area, because there are so many advantages.

“Not only does it give employees a meaningful stake in their organisation together with a genuine say in how it’s run, but employee-owned businesses are also proven to be more resilient during times of economic crisis, more profitable, more productive and have greater staff engagement. These are all key measures of business success and longevity.”