Public school-educated comedian Jack Whitehall and Clydebank-born working-class comedian Kevin Bridges may seen an unlikely pairing but Whitehall says he always has the best time with the Scottish stand-up.

"I’ve had a few nights out in Glasgow where he’s led me astray. We had one crazy night in Clydebank where we ended up doing a pub crawl, drank far too much and met some very colourful characters along the way. I’ve had a few nights like that with him and returned the favour when he was down in London."

From the outside they may seem unlikely bedfellows, given the distance between their backgrounds, but Whitehall says it doesn't affect their friendship.

“It’s rare that you hit it off instantly with someone and I did with him. But we don’t really talk about comedy. I don’t necessarily have a huge amount of comedy friends because when I’m not working I don’t necessarily like talking shop.

“What I loved about Kevin is we’ll talk about anything. Obviously, we are from very different backgrounds, but we’re both big family men and have, like, crazy friends.

“It felt like we were very similar people in many ways .

Whitehall, who plays Glasgow and Edinburgh next month, says he admires Bridges' comedy work. “I honestly think he’s the best comedian that I have seen. It’s nice when you’ve got friends like that to be impressed by and inspired by.”

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