A GLASGOW law firm is paying bonuses of more than £2,000 to its staff after achieving record turnover and profitability in its last financial year.

Complete Clarity Solicitors, which was launched in 2010 and includes the Simplicity Legal operation it established in 2015 to fill what it perceived as a gap in the market for fixed-fee family law work, has reported annual turnover of £1.5 million for the year to May 2023. This is up from £1.1m in the prior 12 months.

The firm highlighted its ambition to more than double revenues from their current level by 2025, after the 47% increase it achieved in its last financial year with what it described as a “dramatic acceleration in fee income”.

And the firm said it had introduced a £50,000 bonus pot.

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It said this would “ensure up to a £2,300 pay-day addition for each staff member who worked for the firm to exceed the targets set in the financial year with the incentive that more is yet to come".

The firm noted it had also this month delivered “substantial salary increases to all staff”.

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It noted it had increased its headcount to 25, including 12 qualified solicitors and three trainee solicitors, as well as a four-strong client services team “whose activities have been critical in supporting the most recent fee performance”.

The firm did not put a figure on its profits.

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However, it declared: “With profitability levels substantially higher than budgeted, the firm has now redistributed that record-breaking profitability within the firm.”

Founded in 2010, Complete Clarity merged in 2017 with the Simplicity Legal operation it had set up in 2015.

Billy Smith, director of Complete Clarity and Simplicity Legal, said: “The firm has been performing well in excess of expectation, driven by the culture which we have consciously developed in recent years and also by structural changes to our commercial activities.

“It all flows from a policy of creating the best possible legal environment for our staff.”

He added: “I have learned from experience not to fall into the trap of lawyers who tend to forget that they have clients, but to focus on giving advice which is firmly based on commercial and economic good sense.”