Glam Glesga

THE Diary has been comparing the lifestyles of the West Coast of Scotland and the West Coast of America.

Imagine our shock and dismay when we discovered that it was not Glaswegians, but Californians, who are enjoying oodles more fun, for it seems that they have sunshine, movie stars and red carpet events aplenty.

Glasgow, alas, has very little of the above, though we once received thrilling reports of a red carpet in a Shawlands living room, though it transpired that it only happened to be that colour because some tipsy oaf had spilled a bottle of budget plonk from Aldi over it.

Perhaps Glasgow is catching up in the glamour stakes, for Diary correspondent Trevor Muir sends us a photo doing the rounds on social media.

It shows a Cranhill housing estate where the bins have been ejected from the fenced-in bin area and replaced by a swanky hot tub.

So when the owners of the tiptop tub in a tip are feeling down in the dumps, they can go down to the dump for a dip.

(Now try reciting the above sentence after you’ve consumed a bottle of budget plonk from Aldi...)


School of rock

ANOTHER school year begins, inspiring former teacher Debbie Meehan to reminisce about the amount of effort that goes into making the transition from P7 to S1 a positive experience.

“Then I remembered,” says Debbie, “the time when I was serenaded by a senior pupil/Elvis impersonator, much to the total bewilderment of the new S1 pupils, who were already finding the ‘big school’ a fairly scary place.”


Musical munchies

OUR cultured readers enjoy both delicious cuisine and toe-tapping tunes. So we’re rustling up tasty snacks which are seasoned with well-known musical acts.

David Donaldson suggests that the perfect fruity pudding for fans of 1970s rock would be… Mango Jerry.


Teutonic is tops

COMPARE and contrast. Reader Julie Martin says: “I’ve always thought that, speaking generally, Scottish children are very kind. Though I have to admit that German children are kinder.”


Hammer time

WATCHING the World Athletics Championships reminded Ian Noble from Carstairs Village of trying to throw the hammer during school sports.

“I don’t know what went wrong,” sighs Ian. “I think it might have been my timing - but I went further than the hammer.”


Feeling blue

“I ACCIDENTALLY left my phone under my pillow the other night,” admits reader Wendy Jennings. “When I woke, it was gone, replaced by fifty pence. Must have been the Bluetooth fairy.”