MESSRS Craig Wilson Ltd sold 11 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of £1,486.80 per head and 249p per kg to average £1352.64 and 239.2p, while a prime bullock fetched £1451.80 or 238p.

In the rough ring 78 beef cows sold to £1,260 and 160.8p to average 128.3p, while 114 dairy cows peaked at £1,160 and 132.6p to level at 104.8p. Eleven bulls sold to £1,440 and 130.9p to average 120.7p, while 29 clean OTM cattle - that were mostly dairy sorts - peaked at £1080 and 182.8p to level at 135.9p.

The firm also had a small show and sale of dairy cattle when the champion animal in the yard was a pedigree Friesian heifer shown by Messrs Sloan, Darnlaw that sold for 1,450gns (guineas). Six commercial cows and heifers sold to £1,650 for a Friesian calved cow and averaged £1,280, while a couple of pedigree Friesian heifers levelled at £1706.25.

Wallets Marts sold 1,514 prime hoggs in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £102 per head and 248.2p per kg to average 182.4p (-3.2p on the week).

There were also 211 heavy cast ewes that averaged £60.20 and 112 light/export-type ewes that levelled at £41.82.