WE live in interesting times, with a new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet, a new international trade environment - and who knows what else coming down the line in the months ahead.

While non-political by nature, the opinion of Chambers is regularly sought by policymakers and parliamentarians to help shape the UK’s business agenda. With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to write to Boris Johnson, setting out the asks we have as a city region – many of which are equally important to other business communities across the Scotland if they are to continue to contribute to the success of the national economy.

The list includes calling for clarity around the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Specifically, we’d encourage a more deliberate approach to invest in regions with a firm track record of success.

We would like to see a commitment to work alongside the Scottish Government to ensure the meaningful devolution of fiscal powers to Scotland’s city regions; and to work with the Chamber network to ensure that our businesses and communities are prepared for all potential outcomes of the UK’s exit from the EU.

Whatever happens around Brexit, it is vital that the future migration system works for all parts of the UK. Our region’s key growth sectors have vastly different needs and it is critical that employers have ongoing access to skills at all levels with minimal costs, barriers or delays.

We also want to see continued UK Government support towards maximising the economic recovery of the North Sea oil and gas industry, with a commitment to maintain a predictable tax regime which supports both investment in the sector and the progress towards a Net Zero Solution by the industry.

For the North-east, our ask to the new PM also includes championing Aberdeen’s role at the heart of the energy transition agenda, supporting our all energy ambitions in hosting the United Nation’s COP26 conference in 2020; and working in partnership with the Scottish Government to explore alternative options to support the North-east’s connectivity via rail and air.

Mr Johnson heads into his premiership at a highly challenging time for the nation. I believe it is important he does so armed with a clear understanding of what businesses need.

Russell Borthwick is chief executive of Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.