Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 117 cattle on Monday, comprising of 38 prime bullocks & heifers, 3 young bulls and 76 cast cows & bulls. Prime heifers were topped at £1441 and 252p/kg, while prime bullocks peaked at £1441 and 213p.

In the rough ring cast beef cows made up to £1315 and 160p, while cast dairy cows were up to £985 and 121p.

A large show of 2691 prime lambs sold to £110 and 250p to average 177p overall (+5p).

The sale of prime lambs included the show and sale of Texel prime lambs on behalf of the Scottish Texel club when 30 pens of lambs were presented to the judge Mr R Lawson, Eastmains. He awarded the championship to a pen from regular consignor Mr R Struthers, Collielaw, which scaled 44kg and realised £110 or 250p/kg. Reserve champion went to Messrs Cullen, Craighead, whose lambs realised £102 or 231p/kg and scaled 44kg.

There were also 2203 cast ewes and rams forward at Lanark on Monday. The sale of heavy ewes peaked at £168 for Texels, while the lighter hill ewes sold to £72 for Blackfaces.

The firm also sold 487 store cattle at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday. Bullocks topped at £1100 for a Limousin cross and to 223.7p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus cross to average 204p overall. Heifers topped at £1165 for a Limousin cross and to 240p for a pen of 5 limousin heifers to average 203p. Dairy bullocks sold to a top of £890 for a British Friesian and to 160p to average at 135p.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 11 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of £1299 per head and 232p/kg to average 218p, while 3 prime bullocks peaked at £1170 and 178p to level at 177p.

There were 175 Cattle forward in Rough Ring. Cast beef cows sold to £1250 and 164p, while cast dairy cows peaked at £920 and 150p. Seven bulls sold to £1480 and 157p. Four dairy cattle sold to £1950 for a Holstein Friesian heifer.

The firm also had 119 breeding cattle at their sale on Tuesday. Six bulls sold to 1600gns to average £1220. Seventeen bulling heifers peaked at £1050 and averaged £1011. Fifty-six heifers and calves were topped at £2550 to average £1528 and forty cows and calves sold to £1550 and averaged £1101.

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of 2,841 store lambs at Longtown on Tuesday. A large increase of long keep lambs were presented and short keep lambs were in short supply.

Topping the sale was a pen of strong Texel lambs which realised £80 per head. Suffolk lambs sold to £71, while Beltex lambs peaked at £70.