There's a big problem in the world of home audio.

Less and less of our music is stored in devices and formats our current radios and hi-fi systems can play. Format wars, of course, are nothing new. Since the days of Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner, consumers have been forced to buy new equipment to keep up with progress. Through eight-track, cassette and CD, long-wave radio, FM and DAB, there has been a constant imperative to buy kit to receive the latest content.

But now things are different. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are acting not only as hubs for music collections, but also as gateways to internet radio stations, on-demand services like Spotify and online audio archives from organisations such as the BBC and TED.

Audiophiles who have invested significant sums in hi-fi systems are left with a problem: how do you get this brave new world of content out of the confines of a smartphone and into your hi-fi?

A similar problem is faced by anyone who invested in a dedicated iPod dock or speaker system – now that Apple has shunned the 30-pin connector in favour of a new Lightning port on the latest iPhone, iPod and iPad models, is that speaker system now just an expensive door stop?

Bayan Audio has addressed both parts of this conundrum with its new product, StreamPort Universal. This coaster-sized gadget uses Bluetooth to stream audio from virtually any portable device to your hi-fi, dock or radio.

Included cables – both RCA and 3.5mm – allow the StreamPort to connect to any system with an audio input. Cleverly, the gadget takes its power over USB. An included cable allows the gadget to be powered direct from a mains socket, but the USB connection allows owners to save a wall socket – and a tiny amount of electricity – by powering the StreamPort from the spare USB sockets found on almost every TV, amplifier and set-top box.

Audio output from the StreamPort is claimed to be near CD quality and in testing I couldn't find fault with it. Fidelity was perfect, with no hiss or distortion.

Wireless range is good if not amazing. Testing with an iPhone 5, I had a perfect connection up to seven metres, but beyond that distance playback started to hiccup. Within a single room there were no problems.

One minor niggle is that the StreamPort doesn't switch on automatically when it is plugged in. Instead, tapping the power button on top wakes it up. It may sound like laziness on my part, but it's frustrating when you can turn the hi-fi system on by remote but then have to get up to wake the StreamPort. Hopefully it's something Bayan could tweak in a future revision.

Positives An easy, low-cost and high-quality way to add wireless streaming to your hi-fi.

Negatives Lazy reviewer bemoans the need to get off his sofa.

Twitter: @grant_gibson