What is it?

A slimline smartphone stylus with additional photography features.

As people seek to produce ever more eye-catching social media posts with various effects Adonit have created another tool their digital arsenal. The Snap 2 stylus offers control over freehand input and a remote camera shutter for convenient photographs.

Good Points?

Design is reminiscent of a carpenter's pencil due to its flattened sides which aid storage and portability. The gadget is magnetic and comes accompanied by a metal strip that can be adhered to your smartphone to prevent loss.

Doubling as a camera shutter remote provides a clever and everyday practical use that will enhance your photography. Dispensing with the need to contort your fingers while trying to keep the smartphone steady is a real selfie game changer.

You can also utilise the power of Bluetooth strength and negate the need to hold the iPhone at all.

Triple burst mode executes three consecutive snaps which is great for capturing action shots or slight movement such as modelling poses.

The stylus has a 1.9mm PixelPoint tip which allows precise image editing and accurate handwritten notes.

Bad points?

The gadget is designed for iPhone owners only which is limiting and could be revamped with a little software update. Just a thought …

Best for ...

Those iPhone users with an interest in upping their social media game and who want more precise control over doodles and image editing than a chunky digit provides.

Avoid if ...

The thought of more time spent on social media platforms brings on a cold sweat.

Score: 9/10.

Adonit Snap 2, £29.99 (amazon.co.uk)