What is it?

A set of wireless Bluetooth headphones designed by Australian doctors and engineers with the aim of helping prevent further hearing loss. The Audeara A-01 model involves taking a hearing test before they are first used to ensure the sound is perfectly tailored to each ear.

Good Points?

The build quality is excellent with soft cushioned ear-pads that prevent excessive pressure building during prolonged usage. A curious shape of elongated headband also works well on most head shapes especially those with flatter tops.

Giving the device an extra wow factor is the tailored listening experience accessed via a smartphone app initiated hearing test. This essentially sets the high, mid and low output frequencies of music so you can better distinguish each sound. Each ear is tested individually for maximum results and optimal listening.

The smarts of the device are powered by Qualcomm's aptX Bluetooth technology which improves latency and increases the stability of your audio transfer from source to headphones and active noise cancelling drowns out pesky background noise.

Wired sources are also catered for with the inclusion of a 3.5mm jack. Battery life lasts up to 65 hours which could easily see you travel to Audeara's Antipodean headquarters without having to pick up a cable.

Bad points?

The headphone cups are a tad small and could cause some annoyance to those with larger ears.

Best for ...

Those audiophiles who want to personalise their listening experience beyond a driver swap as everyone hears the same sound differently.

Avoid if ...

You simply want to buy some headphones, pop them on and start listening without the need to undergo tests beforehand.

Score: 9/10.

Audeara A-01 headphones, £299 (audeara.com)