Political activist; Born October 20, 1963; Died December 22, 2008.

GARY Kelly, who has died aged 45, was a committed socialist and a fearless fighter for justice in countless causes, both at home and abroad.

He campaigned against the BNP and fought apartheid in South Africa. He resisted council house privatisation (and latterly the controversial stock transfer scheme in Glasgow) and was an international Aids campaigner. The plight of Aids victims was of particular concern to Kelly, who was infected with the virus as a consequence of a blood transfusion. As a result of campaigning by Kelly and others, the government extended its financial compensation scheme to all victims of tainted transfusions and not solely haemophiliacs. Kelly's other campaigning activities included the miners' strikes, Timex, anti-poll tax action and the anti-war movement.

He was a proud man, proud of his family and background, and proud of the fact that, although arrested on many occasions for his campaigning and protest activities, he was never convicted of any wrongdoing.

But Gary Kelly was not simply a campaigner: he was wonderfully big-hearted and a good listener. He had an ear for everyone and was not averse to an occasional and charitable gossip. He will be greatly missed by his family and many close friends, and by disadvantaged peoples from many parts of the world.

He is survived by his parents and sister. By Colin Vetters Gerry McClure