A man who murdered a teenage girl and tried to cut her body into pieces before hiding it in a cupboard was filmed gloating over her violent death, a court heard today.

Stuart Jack, 22, admitted subjecting vulnerable 19-year-old Laura Milne to a horrific knife attack before killing her at an Aberdeen flat on December 12 last year.

After her death, Jack cut off one of the victim's ears and tried to hack off her head, legs and breast.

But just two days later, he rejoiced in her death and admitted he enjoyed cutting her throat, saying: "She's worth f*** all."

And another woman, who played a lesser part in the assault, 19-year-old Debbie Buchan, rejoiced that the "bitch is dead" and gloated: "I really enjoyed stomping her head to f***."

The video clip was recorded in the early hours of December 14 last year, on a Sim card taken from the dead girl's mobile phone.

Murderer Jack and Buchan - who yesterday admitted attempted murder - were shown discussing the attack in the video, which was played at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

Buchan, wearing glasses, began by saying: "This is the new and improved Laura Milne 'cause the bitch is dead, isn't she?"

"Yes, she certainly is," replied Jack.

"I feel so happy that she's gone. She's on my kitchen floor with a slit throat, cut mouth, cut t*t and her head kicked in. Don't I look better?" said Buchan, pointing to herself.

He replied: "A hundred times better and you f****** know it", adding: "She's worth f*** all and you're worth a million."

Buchan asked if Jack was "glad" the teenager was dead, prompting him to admit: "Yes, I am."

"Did you enjoy cutting her throat, yes or no?" she pushed him.

"Aye," Jack boasted.

Buchan finished the video clip by saying: "Good, I really enjoyed stomping her head to f***. There's blood all over my walls.

"Thank you. Goodbye. You are the weakest link."

The court heard that another clip was taken minutes later, in which Jack could be seen dancing, being egged on by Buchan.

The two pleaded guilty to their roles in the assault at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday, where they were due to go on trial.

Another woman, Leigh Mackinnon, 18, also admitted attempted murder.

The case was adjourned overnight for a full narrative of what happened to be prepared for the court.

Laura had been bullied throughout her school years by Buchan but never held a grudge against her tormentor.

Laura's father, Brian Milne, of Aberdeen, described his daughter as a "lovely young woman with a big heart who did not deserve to die so young or in such a violent manner".

He said: "We continue to miss Laura every day - she was a major part of our family and it was rare for a day to pass without her being in touch with us.

"She was always on the phone or visiting us."

He spoke of her "willingness to help others", which was reflected in the work she did for homelessness charity the Cyrenians in Aberdeen.

He added: "Her failing was that she was too trusting and could not see the bad in people."

Mr Milne spoke of the bullying Laura suffered at Buchan's hands.

"Laura had been bullied by her throughout her school years but she did not bear a grudge against her," he said.

"I warned Laura to be wary of her but she just assured me that they had become friends.

"That was typical of Laura - the day after an argument, it would be all forgotten."

He said the family hoped the closure of court proceedings would help them move on.

He said: "We were surprised for a start by what happened at court yesterday but are relieved that we will not now have to go through four weeks of heartache listening to harrowing evidence.

"We just rely on the judge now to do his job."

A family friend, who did not want to be named, said: "We are all relieved that an end has been brought to the trauma.

"We await the sentences and sincerely hope they fit the crimes."