Nony Mordi's full name is so long she has to stop and think very carefully as she tells me how it's spelt. It takes two or three efforts. Nony is an abbreviation for Nonyelumolise. "In Nigeria, where I was born, it means God be with me'," she says.

Mordi came to Scotland with her family from Lagos, settling in Fife when she was three months old, but her name is destined to become familiar in a country where she has re-written the record books: five Scottish triple jump records indoors and out this year alone.

The 20-year-old medical student from Cupar is one of four Scots in Annecy as part of the UK team which contests the last European Cup final this weekend. She faces a fiery Great Britain senior baptism in forecast 90-degree temperatures, and as eighth ranked of the triple jump line-up she is the only competitor who has not cleared 14 metres. However, she is an athlete with a prodigious talent and rare potential.

She was originally a hockey player, and had progressed through the Fife schools and Midland squads into the Scotland training squad in 2003. "Athletics took a back seat until I discovered the triple jump, and hockey just faded away, but before hockey I'd played football," she said.

Back home in Fife, there are medals from a range of sports: football, gymnastics, tennis, all before athletics came on the horizon. She went to the Fife Schools championships at 14 with no experience, and came back with four medals: silvers and bronze from the long jump, hurdles and 100 metres, plus gold from the relay. She has Scottish Schools and age-group medals from subsequent years, but Pitreavie's European hurdles finalist, Eilidh Child, overshadowed her.

Nony's older brother, Dily - another abbreviation - is already a doctor, and both parents are academics. Her father lectures in chemistry and mum is a training and development manager.

"They've no sport background, because once out of school in Nigeria, you have to choose either sport or academic studies. But at Edinburgh University I have had the chance to blossom."

She finished fourth in the triple at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2005. The winner, England's Jasmine Regis, was "way beyond" her then, but the gap is closing. Regis, now GB No.1, might have been given the Cup place, but she is training in the US.

Mordi's coach, John Scott, reckons if everything goes right, the Olympic B qualifying standard of 14.00m is possible. The Beijing A standard is 14.20m. Mordi's best is 13.76m. "I had barely dared think about making the team to come here, never mind the Olympics," she said. "You always dream, and I still dream - but about the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the London Olympics in 2012."

Allan Scott was called into the cup squad yesterday to replace Andy Turner in the 110m hurdles, after the Englishman sustained a minor hamstring injury. "It's a great opportunity to have a shot at the Olympic qualifying," said Scott last night.

n The freshnlo Great Scottish Run Half Marathon on September 7 will host the UK championships and be Britain's trial for the World Half Marathon Championship to be staged in Rio de Janeiro on October 12. The first eligible male and female will book their place for Brazil, provided they have achieved the qualifying time: 63:20 for men and 72:20 for women.