Culture Minister Mike Russell told the SNP’s annual conference in Inverness he was taking the new initiative forward along with the Schools Minister Keith Brown.

The minister spoke about the work the Scottish Government was doing to help the cultural sector.

And Mr Russell said ministers would help ensure that “every pupil in every school in every community in Scotland has access to the very best of those cultures”.

The move will see artists go into classrooms, in a bid to introduce children to actors, painters, sculptors, writers, dancers and singers.

Mr Russell also revealed: “We’re going to make sure that there is new breed of cultural champions in our schools.”

These cultural champions will then work with schools and local authorities to bring together a number of key organisations, aiming to give every pupil a full appreciation of Scotland’s diverse culture.

Mr Russell also used his address to the conference to hit out at Westminster over immigration, claiming policies imposed by the UK Government had a damaging impact on Scotland.

He said: “We want to say to the world that Scotland is not full up, we need people of talent and ability that are going to come and work here. We need to make perfectly clear that our rich diversity constantly needs an influx of new people.

“And unfortunately we have a migration policy in Scotland set from London which damages Scotland, that excludes people, that means that we can not show the welcoming face we need to show.”

He insisted changes to migration policy were needed and said: “The biggest of those changes is for the Scottish Government to have those powers.”